Dynamic Comics for Hierarchical Abstraction of 3D Animation Data

Image storyboards of films and videos are useful for quick browsing and automatic video processing. A common approach for producing image storyboards is to display a set of selected key-frames in temporal order, which has been widely used for 2D video data. However, such an approach cannot be applied for 3D animation data because different information is revealed by changing parameters such as the viewing angle and the duration of the animation. Also, the interests of the viewer may be different from person to person. As a result, it is dif.cult to draw a single image that perfectly abstracts the entire 3D animation data. In this paper, we propose a system that allows users to interactively browse an animation and produce a comic sequence out of it. Each snapshot in the comic optimally visualizes a duration of the original animation, taking into account the geometry and motion of the characters and objects in the scene. This is achieved by a novel algorithm that automatically produces a hierarchy of snapshots from the input animation. Our user interface allows users to arrange the snapshots according to the complexity of the movements by the characters and objects, the duration of the animation and the page area to visualize the comic sequence. Our system is useful for quickly browsing through a large amount of animation data and semi-automatically synthesizing a storyboard from a long sequence of animation.


  • Myung Geol Choi, Seung-Tak Noh, Taku Komura, and Takeo Igarashii
    Dynamic Comics for Hierarchical Abstraction of 3D Animation Data.
    Computer Graphics Forum (Pacific Graphics 2013), to be appeared.
    download: [paper]